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Bulk Surface Sanitizing

Playgrounds for Schools, Parks, Churches and More....

Germs are everywhere, that’s why we wash our hands and disinfect our kitchen and bathroom sinks. However there are other places where germs breed; playgrounds. According to the International Journal of Environmental Health Research,  playgrounds are twice as contaminated as public restrooms. Playgrounds are supposed to be a source of fun and entertainment, with the right playground sanitation service, they can be. ProExterior SoftWash will sanitize your playground, whether it’s in your neighborhood, school, church, local park, fast food restaurant, or even in your backyard. ProExterior SoftWash also prides itself on using eco-friendly and environmentally safe procedures to protect your health and your children.   

We Don't Just Clean, We ProExterior Clean! 

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Don't forget,  In addition to Soft Wash, we also Pressure Wash too!  We can clean it all. Roofs, Siding, Exterior Windows, Driveways, Sidewalks, Patios, Gutters, Awnings, Screen Enclosures, Decks, Fences, and Solar Panels.  We also clean all surfaces including; Concrete, Brick and Brick Pavers, Stucco, Vinyl, Dryvit, Wood, Asphalt Shingles, Cedar Shakes, Barrel Tile, Steel, Aluminum and Glass.  

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